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Shadow LLM Discovery

  • Get full 360 visibility into every Large Language Model interaction
  • Identify which Generative AI and Large Language Model tools are been used
  • Gain insights into usage patterns and deployments

Ongoing LLM Data Flow Monitoring

  • Learn what data is being sent in or out of your organization via Generative AI
  • Always on observation of information flows associated with LLM applications
  • Log every user engagement with LLM-based tool for future investigations
real time

Real Time Detection and Alert

  • Prevent leakage of sensitive information with timely notifications and immediate response
  • Promptly alert security teams about abnormal behavior 
  • Uncover unsecured usage and easily train user on safely use LLM-based tools 

Rapid Response and Remediation

  • Lassos external threats, and internal errors that lead to exposure, going beyond traditional methods
  • Streamlined compliance and regulation enforcement to every LLM interaction
  • Automatically block data that doesn't meet organization’s policies standards and classification
rapid response
used by everyone

Built by experts used by everyone

  • Easy-install solution, no AI or cybersecurity expertise needed.
  • User friendly and Intuitive dashboard for real-time LLM monitoring and investigation
  • Customize and flexible policy options based on your organization’s needs

One Step Ahead of AI Regulations

  • Prepare for AI regulations with our expert guidance and insights
  • Leverage Lasso Security to streamlined compliance and regulation
  • Avoid future penalties, implement the ultimate tool today
AI regulations

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