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How vCISOs and MSSPs Can Protect their Clients from AI and LLM Related Risks

October 18, 2023
5:00 pm
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Join our webinar

About the event

More and more businesses and industries are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) integration into daily operations. Beneath the surface lies a complex mesh of vulnerabilities and unforeseen risks, requiring urgent attention of those responsible for organizational cybersecurity. As SMB leaders and end-users are typically not aware of those risks, cybersecurity service providers should take a proactive approach to protect their clients.

Fueled by Cynomi’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and empowering vCISOs to quickly implement cutting-edge security policies in order to cope with emerging risks, we are thrilled to host this cybersecurity specialist panel featuring Roy Azoulay, Co-founder & COO, Cynomi and Elad Schulman Founder & CEO of Lasso Security.

Soon everyone will be using AI. But not everyone is ready. Step forward and join our eye-opening panel.

Webinar Highlights:

  • The emerging security risks associated with AI and LLM usage
  • New technological tools to protect from AI-related threats
  • Sample AI/LLM security policy including essential controls you can deploy today
  • vCISO Best practices and immediate actions to reduce the risk