A Frontier Expedition into Emerging Trends  of Large Language Models (LLMs) Security

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The Large Language Models (LLMs) domain has become a battleground for the world’s largest tech companies, and in the short time since its arrival it has set off a series of irreversible changes across virtually every business domain.

There is no going back to the pre-LLM world but as the hype calm-down, organizations must face with the challenges of adapting to this new reality.

This ebook surveys the new territory, identifies key players who dominate the current situation and reshaping our technology world, critical stages of new emerging cybersecurity attacks, and provides recommendations for you and your organization to embrace Generative AI effectively and securely.

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  • Who are  the 6 Riders shaping the wild west of LLMs
  • The LLM Horse Has Bolted the Stable: What next for you and your organization?
  • Get the LLM Cyber Sheriff' advice on how to secure the Generative AI era
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