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Woo Hoo! Lasso Security is Now on Okta Marketplace

Sigal Sax
Sigal Sax
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Lasso Security customers can now use Okta via SSO

You asked. We listened! We're excited to announce that the Lasso Security platform is now integrated with Okta. Lasso Security customers can now use Okta as their Identity Provider (IdP) to gain access to our Lasso Security platform. And this is all for you!

Our Okta integration leverages the gold standard in identity management software to enhance the user experience for Lasso Security customers.

How will this impact you?

One, Two, Install

With Lasso Security featured in Okta's marketplace, organizations gain effortless access to Lasso's GenAI security platform, empowering them to fortify their security defenses with ease. By leveraging Lasso's cutting-edge solution, Okta's users can effectively safeguard every touchpoint their organization encounters with Large Language Models (LLMs).

Whether the focus is on protecting sensitive data, ensuring secure access, or proactively mitigating potential threats, our solution stands as a stalwart defense mechanism meticulously crafted to address the ever-evolving demands of modern businesses.

From the initial configuration to ongoing support, Lasso Security remains committed to providing unparalleled security solutions that align seamlessly with Okta's platform, allowing you to manage your users in Okta while ensuring peace of mind for organizations navigating today's complex cyber landscape.

Password? No thank you

We have established a Federated SAML 2.0-based SSO access between Okta as the Identity Provider (IdP) and Amazon Cognito as the Service Provider.

Using their Okta identity, users are granted Lasso identities and tokens, allowing secure interactions with our backend and access to our platform. This enables seamless access to Lasso Security services for the users of your choosing within your organization, without the need for repeated logins or the creation of passwords floating around your environment.

Once properly configured, organizations like yours can enjoy one-click access to Lasso Security. Organizations can still add, block or revoke users easily through the Okta dashboard and will not need to perform any extra work to onboard users to Lasso.

To see it in action and learn more about the integration, set up a chat with our security team.

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