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Recap: Lasso Security at RSA Conference 2024

Elad Schulman
Elad Schulman
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Now that the dust has settled down, I'm happy to share our experience at the RSA Conference 2024, which focused on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. This year's event highlighted both AI for security and the security of AI applications, making it the perfect platform to showcase Lasso Security's cutting-edge solutions.

Here's a brief recap of our rodeo at RSAC:

It’s all about AI

There is no doubt that this year's event's buzzword is AI. The event brought together thought leaders and industry experts to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in AI and cybersecurity. The focus on AI-driven security solutions and the importance of securing AI applications resonated deeply with our mission at Lasso Security. With over 40,000 official attendees, RSAC was one of the year's most significant gatherings.

Throughout the four days there were several insightful conference sessions. On the first day, discussions were mostly about artificial intelligence within the cybersecurity landscape, with supply chain and SaaS vulnerabilities in the new GenAI era being the talk of the day. Day two emphasized the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors, alongside strategies for integrating AI. On day three, the agenda included topics such as ensuring the safety of AI, while day four spotlighted an in-depth analysis of AI regulation and policies in the US, the emergence of new talent in the field, and the ongoing challenges faced by CISOs.

Lasso Security & CISA’s Design Pledge Initiative

We had the honor of being part of the Design Pledge initiative, announced at this year's RSA Conference in collaboration with America's Cyber Defense Agency (CISA) and leading technology companies.

Hearing the Lasso Security name alongside 68 industry giants was truly humbling. Launched last year, CISA’s global Secure by Design initiative implements the White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy by shifting the cybersecurity burden from end users and individuals to technology manufacturers who are best equipped to handle it. The Design Pledge Initiative outlines seven objectives to be accomplished in the upcoming year. 

This initiative commits us to the goals set by CISA, aiming to significantly reduce common cybersecurity threats. By integrating Secure by Design principles during the design phase of a product’s development lifecycle, we can dramatically reduce the number of exploitable flaws before the product reaches the market.

By joining this pledge, we are demonstrating our dedication to AI security and aligning with CISA's mission in the USA. This initiative allows us to showcase our commitment to our customers and the public, emphasizing our responsibility in AI risk management.

Celebrating Excellence: Our Award-Winning Achievements

During this year’s RSAC event we were proud to receive two prestigious awards at the Global Infosec Awards:

🏆 Recognized as a Next Gen Cybersecurity Visionary

🏆 Awarded Editor’s Choice for Cybersecurity Startup

These awards underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity, particularly in  GenAI security. 

 Partnerships: Uniting for a Safer Future

We had the pleasure of meeting many partners and engaging in insightful discussions about GenAI security. It was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations to further enhance the security landscape.

The Israeli Cyber Ecosystem Takes Over RSAC

The RSA Conference featured a special event hosted by the Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast, the Israel Export Institute, and the Plug and Play Tech Center. It was a privilege to be part of such a dynamic gathering, with so many innovative Israeli startups presenting cutting-edge technology.

Lasso's Grand Finale at the AWS Startups & CrowdStrike Cybersecurity Accelerator

As proud participants in the AWS Startups & CrowdStrike Cybersecurity Accelerator, we're thrilled to conclude this incredible program with a memorable Demo Day at RSAC.

Since our journey began in 2023, our goal has been to align ourselves with the most sought-after GTM programs for early-stage cyber startups worldwide.

Throughout the program, particularly during the final event at RSAC, we had the privilege of connecting with top-tier mentors and industry experts. Each insightful meeting and impactful discussion has played a crucial role in our growth and development. Moving forward, we're eager to continue fostering these strong partnerships.

Unveiling Risks and Solutions with Lasso Security

At the recent RSA Conference, we had the opportunity to meet with both our valued customers and potential new clients. These interactions were incredibly productive, allowing us to gain deeper insights into organization GenAI needs and challenges. These events strengthening our relationships and provided new perspective on how our custom security solutions can help them stay ahead of evolving threats. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our commitment to providing top-notch security and compliance solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

Among the many meetings and events, we also met partners from Silicon Angle and The Cube to discuss the risks of GenAI and security solutions. During the conversation, I addressed the challenges of the recent GenAI awakening.

Looking Ahead

The RSA Conference 2024 was a remarkable event. We were inspired by the discussions and connections made, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in securing GenAI applications and contributing to the global cybersecurity community.

Thank you to everyone who made this event memorable. We are excited about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead for Lasso Security.

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